Audio, video, security, and access control, all in one private network-powered intercom system.

At S&P Integrated Solutions, we specialize in providing sleek, user-friendly intercom systems that combine functionality, security, and the best modern technology integrations for optimal performance.

Ideal for government buildings, school campuses, healthcare facilities, and high-rise residential buildings, our modern intercom systems offer a direct line to all units and residents, 24/7 visitor access control, and high-quality audio/video capabilities, even in areas of darkness or low lighting.

Control Access From Anywhere, At Any Time, For Anyone

When you partner with S&P Integrated Solutions to install an integrated intercom system, the possibilities are endless for convenience, communication, and control.
You can remotely grant visitors access via mobile app, IP phone, or VMS, and tenants can be granted instant access with RFID cards, unique access codes, or Bluetooth. Powered by advanced features such as smart automated entry triggers, or pre-programmed door release capabilities, each intercom integration has a user-friendly interface for seamless updates and permissions control.

We can also connect your intercom system to your existing IP network to minimize cost and setup time.

Our advanced intercom systems include a variety of features that can be customized to meet your needs

  • Direct calling
  • Mobile app calling
  • Multi-unit calling
  • Face-to-face video
  • Multilingual text options
  • Touchscreen interfaces

In an unexpected emergency, you can instantly reach all classrooms, residential units, or office suites to instantly make important broadcast announcements, or provide alerts in the case of safety threats.

Enable Efficient Communication With Seamlessly Integrated Intercoms

With our high-powered intercom audio and video capabilities, you’ll never experience unpleasant feedback or static, just clear two-way communication with amazing clarity.
Each scalable intercom system is tailored exclusively to your needs, with a sleek and sophisticated design that will complement your high-end residential tower or office building. Whatever you desire from your intercom system, the team at S&P Integrated Solutions delivers.